Hippie Chick Massage in Del Norte, Colorado.

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Relax in the hands of therapists with extensive knowledge of the body and massage techniques.  At Hippie Chick massage, we only hire the BEST.


From the light, flowing strokes of Swedish massage, or the therapeutic pressure of Deep Tissue massage, our therapists will provide just what you need. 
CBD Infused Massage

CBD Infused Massage

Come experience the power of CBD infused Massage Oil.  Sweet CBD Massage Oil is formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with muscle aches and pains. The ingredients work to reduce swelling and thereby reduce pain. It can be used for muscle soreness, bruising, arthritis, tension, and muscle-related pain.  Ingredients: Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Hemp Oil, CBD Extract, Arnica Extract, Peppermint Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E.   A $20 add on to any massage service.
Couples Candlelight Massages

Couples Candlelight Massages

Bliss out with your significant other during a 75 minute or 90 minute candlelight massage.  Side by side, you will drift off into deep relaxation as our skilled therapists massage your tired muscles.  A great way to de-stress together.
90 min CBD bliss Massage

90 min CBD bliss Massage

90 Minutes of pure bliss with a lovely CBD massage oil, deep-tissue, and cupping!  $150

Massage Pricing

Swedish Massage

Long, flowing strokes that send you into deep relaxation. The pressure is light to medium.

  • 60 min. $70
  • 75 min. $85
  • 90 min. $100

Deep Tissue

Therapeutic firm pressure designed to relieve super tight areas.  We combine slow deep pressure with acupressure points to strip the muscles and give relief from tight sore spots.

  • 60 min. $80
  • 75 min. $95
  • 90 min. $110


A traditional Chinese therapy used to treat illnesses and imbalances for over 2500 years. Glass cups are heated and placed on the body to create suction.

  • $20 as an add-on service with any deep tissue massage of 75 or 90 min
  • 30 min session … $45
  • 60 min session … $80 Can include legs and arms.  This can also include cupping for cellulite reduction on legs.

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt lava stones are heated to a perfect temperature and placed along the spine. The therapist uses the warm, soothing stones to massage with long, flowing strokes.

  • 90 min. $130
  • 75 min.  $115

Couples Candlelight

This massage is customizable for either Swedish or Deep Tissue (add $10).  A romantic treat for couples.

  • 75 min. $200
  • 90 min $225

Prenatal Massage

Customizable for the expectant mother.  Designed to provide deep relaxation and relief from typical issues that come with being pregnant.

  • 75 min. $100
  • 90 min of nurturing bliss $130


Energy is transferred to the client to increase healing and energy.  This is great for cancer patients or anyone that wants a subtle energy boost.

  • 60 min. $70
  • 60 min. massage & 30 min. Reiki session … $110

Off-Site Massage

We come to you in the privacy of your home.  Great for romantic evenings or groups of friends/family.  Minimum 2 persons.

  • 60 min. $140/ea.
  • 75 min $170/ea.
  • 90 min $200/ea.

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