Hippie Chick Massage Services

Hippie Chick massage therapists are hand selected for their massage talent and all are licensed and insured.  Our therapists have extensive knowledge of the body and massage techniques. Experience a blissful massage in our relaxing Bohemian paradise.  

We use Organic Coconut Oil for your massage, which is very hydrating for the skin. 

hot stone massage treatment

Massage Options

Our massage services include the long, flowing strokes of Swedish massage, the slow, firm pressure of  Deep Tissue (therapeutic) massage, Prenatal massages for expectant mothers, hot stone massage, and romantic Couples Candlelight massage.  Chinese fire cupping is available as a stand alone session or added to a massage.  30 min. $45, or $20 add on.


Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapy used to treat illnesses and imbalances for over 2500 years.  Glass cups are heated and placed on the body to create suction.  The cups stay in place for 15-20 minutes or can be slid down the muscles for a unique massage experience.

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reiki energy massage in Pagosa Springs


Reiki is the “laying-on of hands”.  This is not a massage but simply energy work.  The hands are placed lightly on or above the body in 12-15 different placements for 2-3 minutes.  Energy is transferred to increase healing and energy. Reiki is great for cancer patients or anyone that wants a subtle energy boost.

Call 719.657.1440 to schedule an appointment.

Hippie Chick Massage is located on Main Street in Del Norte, at 1055 Grand Ave.

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